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Ahmed, Aariz and Srikanth, R (2023) Application of Geospatial Techniques and the MCDM Method to Optimize Interlinking of Rivers in India. Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 51. pp. 849-863.

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Lahiri, Nayanjot and Rajani, MB and Sanyal, Debdutta and Banerjee, Samayita and Tiwari, Satyendra (2023) Tracing Ancient Itinerants and Early Medieval Rulers in the Forests of Bandhavgarh. South Asian Studies.

Laine, Nicolas and Simenel, Romain and Sinha, Anindya and Srinivasaiah, Nishant M and Chowta, Prajna (2023) The animal tracking’s agency: Why are camera traps and GPS collars new research agents in the interaction between humans and other animals ? Open Anthropology Research Repository.

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