About the Repository

ePrints@NIAS repository collects, preserves and disseminates in digital format the research output created by the NIAS research community. It enables the Institute community to deposit their preprints, postprints and other scholarly publications using a web interface, and organizes these publications for easy retrieval. While eprints@NIAS can be accessed by anybody, submission of documents to this repository is limited to the NIAS research community only. Items in the repository are freely accessible and downloadable without any charges. The option 'Request Copy' forms can be used for documents to which direct full-text download is restricted due to the policies of the publishers.

Definition of Eprint

An ePrint is a digital version of a research document (usually an academic paper or a journal article but could also be any other scholarly output) that is accessible online, whether from a local institutional, or a subject based digital repository. The term encompasses both preprints (before peer-review) and postprints (after peer-review).

Repository Holdings

The repository includes both published and unpublished works of faculty and students. Doctoral theses are an integral component of this repository.

NIAS has been conducting courses which are distinguished by their interdisciplinary character, and are taught by both Institute faculty and reputed guest lecturers from across the country. Also as a part of its outreach activities NIAS has been organizing public lectures and cultural programmes. NIAS has a publications programme which is mainly involved in publication of research studies and proceedings of conferences conducted by the Institute. NIAS publications include reports, working papers, lectures, backgrounders, policy briefs, books, monographs and edited volumes.

The repository includes in-house publications in fulltext and selected audio and video recordings of lectures and programmes.

Document Types

The document types in this repository include the following

  1. Journal articles
  2. Journal items (editorials, conference report, debate, letter, short communication or response, book reviews)
  3. Books
  4. Book chapters
  5. Theses
  6. Conference papers
  7. Conference posters
  8. Reports (technical and non-technical)
  9. Newspaper and magazine articles
  10. Working papers
  11. Audio recordings
  12. Video recordings
  13. Datasets
  14. Images

Benefits of the Repository

The repository benefits the authors and institutions in the following ways:


ePrints@NIAS repository is running on EPrints open archive software (version 3.3.15), a freely distributable archive system available from eprints.org. ePrints@NIAS complies with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) framework allowing publications to be easily indexed by web search engines and other indexing services. Google and Google Scholar are the search services that index eprints@nias. The National Digital Library of India has harvested the metadata of this repository.

Other institutions are invited (and encouraged) to set up their own open archives for author self-archiving, using the freely-distributable eprints.org software used at this site.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to nias.eprints@gmail.com.


While utmost care has been taken to provide as authentic and accurate information as possible with regard to the eprints in this repository, NIAS disclaims any responsibility or liability from any incidental errors. Users also assume the sole responsibility for use of any content appearing on ePrints@nias.

While content from this repository can be freely downloaded for purposes of academic teaching and research, redistribution or hosting of full-text content in any retrieval system for profit is strictly prohibited.

In no event shall NIAS be liable to the users of ePrints@nias or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of information provided on ePrints@nias.