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UNSPECIFIED (1998) Anytime, Anywhere library at IISc. Economic Times, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) B'lore-Mysore rail... Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) B'lore/Scientists asked to help Farmers. Asian Age, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Call for Action Plan to Check Violence Against Women. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) China, South Asia and Nuclear Testing - Reassessing Mutual Concerns. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) The Currency Crunch and Militarization - S-E Asia still Groping ahead. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) 'Destination Mysore in 70 minutes'. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Digital Preservation: NIAS starts with Bhagvad Gita. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) ELRTS Feasibility Study by February. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Expressway unlikely to recover costs on toll revenue. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Global Cooperation Needed to Conserve Medicinal Plants: Expert. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Good response for N-test, says Ramanna. Asian Age, Indian Express, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Hi-tech digital library Inaugurated. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) High-speed B'lore-Mysore rail link Mooted. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Identity with India's Agenda. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Ignore the Small Battles, Focus on the Bigger Wars. Times of India, Bangalore. (In Press)

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Ignore the small battles, focus on the Bigger Wars. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) The Imagination of Science. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) India's tests will be Catalyst for N-arms Elimination, says KRN. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) 'Knowledge will be currency of Tomorrow'. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Meet on Women's Rights held in City. Asian Age, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED, ed. (1998) NIAS NEWS Vol 6(2) - January 1998. Other. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Sinha, Anindya and Ollapally, Deepa, eds. (1998) NIAS NEWS Vol 7(1) - July 1998. NIAS Newsletter. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Outdated Policies and Apathetic Govt Playing Spoilsport: Expert. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Part of Flyover will Open to Traffic in March '99. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Patel likens Politics to a Gutter Full of Insects. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) The Professional Action Committee for Educational Reforms awarded the PACER award to eminent scientist Raja Ramanna for his Outstanding contribution to science and Technology and for life time achievement s. PACER instituted the award last year to honour persons in recognition of life time achievement and contribution to science and technology and education. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Relevance of Non-Alignment in the New Order. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Reviving the CTBT Debate - Should India Sign? Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Ring Road by 2002, Town Hall Flyover will be late by 11 months. Indian Express, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Save the Environment. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Science in our Tongue. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Separate Norms for Biodiversity Projects in Third World Stressed. Economic Times, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) 'South East Asian Countries can form Powerful Common Market'. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Tata opens IISc digital library. Indian Express, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) 'Tests not Done to Join Nuclear Club'. Asian Age, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) Truth, Beauty, Art... Forays into the Dimensions of Science. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) WLL could ring in a Telecom Revolution. Times of India, Bangalore.

UNSPECIFIED (1998) We don't want to Blast Our Way into Nuke Club: President. Indian Express, Bangalore.

Ananthamurthy, UR (1998) Literatures in India [AP 060] [NIAS Lecture L2-99]. [Audio]

Ananthamurthy, UR (1998) literatures in India (L4-98). Lecture. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Batliwala, Srilatha and Kurup, Anitha and Gurumurthy, Anita and Wali, Chandana S (1998) Antastina anveshane : Karnataka Grameena Mahileyara Adhyanada Sankshipta Varadi (in Kannada, Abridged). Special Publication. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Bhaskar, V V (1998) Crimes Against Women - Cops not Taking it Seriously: CoD DG. Indian Express, Bangalore.

Chandran, Satish T R (1998) Seminar on State Infrastructure held. UNSPECIFIED, Bangalore.

ENS Economic Bureau, * (1998) BangaloreIt.Com '98 proves to be a hit'. Indian Express, 6 November 1998, Bangalore.

Jaideep, V G (1998) State will Save Lakes to Cope with Imminent Water Shortage. Asian Age, Bangalore.

Krishnaprasad, Sridhar (1998) 'Link Disarmament to FMCT'. Times of India, Bangalore.

Kumar, Arvind (1998) Selig Harrison's Model and India's Nuclear Posture - Will it Serve India's Interests? Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

NIAS, * (1998) NIAS Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations. Other. NIAS.

Narasimha, Roddam (1998) Mission Statement of the National Institute of Advanced Studies. Documentation. NIAS. (Unpublished)

Narasimha, Roddam (1998) 'Suburban rail can cut B'lore pollution'. Deccan Herald, 13 October 1998, Bangalore.

Narayanan, K R (1998) N-tests Aimed at Liquidating Nuclear Club: Narayanan. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

Natraj, V K (1998) Reservation: Qualityand Equality (L2-98). Lecture. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Ollapally, Deepa (1998) BJP Politics and Ind-Pak Relations - Derailment or Engagement? Deccan Herald, 13 April 1998, Bangalore.

Ollapally, Deepa (1998) India's Nuclear Tests and US Responses: The Perception Gap and its Impact (L3-98). Lecture. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Paul, M K (1998) NIAS NEWS Vol 6(2) - 1st January 1998. NIAS Newsletter. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Rajagopal, S (1998) We should continue with Moratorium on Nuclear Tests - The only viable option for us. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

Ramanna, Raja (1998) Double-track Bangalore-Mysore Line Will Help Industry. Times of India, Bangalore.

Ramanna, Raja (1998) India can do Fantastic Things, Says Ramanna - Nuclear Test: Raja Ramanna Criticises West. Times of India, 16 May 1998, Bangalore.

Ramanna, Raja (1998) Indians Should be United in Facing Sanctions: Ramanna. Deccan Herald, Bangalore.

Ramanna, Raja (1998) We've Now Completed Whole Spectrum of Tests: Ramanna - Homi Bhabha was Denied Bharat Ratna: Ramanna. Times of India, 14th May 2021, Bangalore.

Rao, MVS and Sreekantan, BV (1998) Extensive air showers. World Scientific, Singapore. ISBN 981-02-2888-0

Reddy, Raj (1998) 'PCs will be Smaller, Faster, Smarter, Cheaper'. Times of India, Bangalore.

Sarukkai, Sundar (1998) Beyond Belief: Trust, Deception and Knowledge (WP3-98). Working Paper. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Sarukkai, Sundar (1998) Culture of technology: The Indian Experience (WP5-98). Working Paper. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Sarukkai, Sundar (1998) Explaining Consciousness - Pointers from Philosophy of Mathematics (WP2-98). Working Paper. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Sarukkai, Sundar (1998) Science, Knowledge and Society - A Response to Sokol and Nanda (WP4-98). Working Paper. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Shetty, PK (1998) Bioremediation of Pesticide - Contaminated Agricultural Soils and Effluents (R2-98). Report. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Singh, Seema (1998) 'Crime against Women Grossly under-reported'. Times of India, Bangalore.

Singh, Seema (1998) Getting Rid of Pesticides. Times of India, Bangalore.

Sinha, Anindya (1998) Knowledge acquired and decisions made: triadic interactions during allogrooming in wild bonnet macaques, Macaca radiata. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 353 (1368). pp. 619-631.

Sorabjee, Soli J (1998) Ethics in democratic society. [AP 057]. [Audio] (Unpublished)

Sreekantan, BV (1998) The Cosmic Ray Story (R4-98). Report. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Srinivas, MN (1998) Divide and Rue - Counting on Caste in Census. Times of India, Bangalore.

Srinivas, MN (1998) 'Make Voting Complusory'. The Hindu, Bangalore.

Srinivas, MN (1998) Social Anthropology and Literary Sensibility (L1-98). Lecture. NIAS, Bengaluru.

Srinivasan, Sharada (1998) The use of tin and bronze in prehistoric South Indian metallurgy. JOM: The Journal of Minerals, Metals, 50 (7). pp. 44-49. ISSN 1047-4838

Subramanyam, Susmita (1998) A psychosocial study of creativity among Indian scientists. Doctoral thesis, NIAS.

Sundaram, CV and Krishnan, LV and Iyengar, TS (1998) Atomic energy in India: 50 years. Department of Atomic Energy, New Delhi.

Upadhya, Aditi (1998) Hindustani Classical Music Lecture Demonstration. [Audio]

Vasavi, AR (1998) Narratives in the Re-constitution of Communities (WP6-98). Working Paper. NIAS, Bengaluru.

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