Towards Blue Economy: A Perspective

Nayak, Shailesh (2020) Towards Blue Economy: A Perspective. Indian Journal of Geosciences, 74 (3). pp. 191-196.

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Abstract: The term ‘Blue Economy’ emphasizes essentially an ocean-dependent economic development to improve quality of life of people. India committed to advance the “Blue Economy” and several programs have been initiated to promote blue economy in the country. One of the important components of promoting blue economy is to have adequate information about sea bed and mineral resources, in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Legal Continental Shelf as well as High Seas. Apart from placer minerals on the coast, we need to explore for minerals, such as manganese nodules, polymetallic sulphides and cobalt crusts in High Seas. The availability of gas hydrates on our continental shelf has huge potential to satisfy our ever-increasing energy requirements. We need to invest in developing technology and human resources to utilize these resources. At the same time, the development of offshore mineral and energy resources will need setting up of infrastructure facilities on the coast. As coastal zone is vulnerable to many hazards such as cyclones, storm surges, tsunamis, coastal erosion, sea level rise, etc., an assessment of coastal vulnerability to understand risks involved, has to be undertaken. Various environmental data will be required to utilize ocean resources. An institutional framework for implementing activities related to blue economy to be set up so that investments in building infrastructure, developing human resources, and setting up governance system shall pay rich dividends for future generations and ensure sustainability
Item Type: Journal Paper
Keywords: Blue economy, polymetallic nodules and sulphides, gas hydrate, coastal zone management
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