Current Affiliation
Independent Researcher, Bengaluru
Milestones: Presented independent research on" Skill development and garment Industry in India" at Asian Connections: Linking Mobilities of Capital and Labor in Theory and Practice Workshop, York Centre for Asian Research, Canada, May 2017
Exeter University's International Management Pathway, Summer School Scholarship, July 2011
Email: ashakuzhiparambil[a]
Social Media: ResearchGate Linkedin
Name: Asha K G
Title of Study: Dynamics of labour relations across different circuits of globalisation: Evidence from garment making and cashew nut processing circuits in Kerala
School: Social Sciences
Programme: RBI Programme on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Economic Issues
Thesis Advisor: Narendar Pani

University: Manipal University, Manipal
Year of Award: 2015