Repository Policy

Position Statement

  1. NIAS requires that all academic and research staff deposit the bibliographic information for all research outputs in the institutional repository
  2. NIAS requires that post-prints of journals and conference papers are deposited and made open access where copyright clearance has been obtained to maximize the visibility, usage and impact of research through global access.
  3. The aim of this institutional repository is to provide a comprehensive and permanent record of research of the Institute.


  1. Research staff are required to send the bibliographic metadata of all forms of published output by email to
  2. Research staff are required to send the final, refereed, accepted drafts(post-prints) of all peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers by email to
  3. Repository staff will deposit the publication on behalf of the researcher after verifying the eligibility. For a publication to be eligible, it should meet a few requirements.
    1. Atleast one of the authors must be from NIAS
    2. It should be an acceptable document type
    3. It should conform to publisher's copyright policy
  4. Preferred format is Adobe PDF format. It is not usually acceptable to deposit the publisher-produced PDF, unless the publisher gives permission to do so. Authors may need to convert a copy of the document to PDF.
  5. Research staff are encouraged to send the following forms of research output where copyright clearance has been obtained
    1. "Pre-print" pre-refereed drafts of articles subject to publishers policy
    2. Post publication updates and corrections
    3. Conference and workshop papers
    4. Books, book chapters, monographs, reports and working papers

Content Policy

This is an institutionally defined repository

The metadata record of all forms of published and unpublished output produced by research staff will be deposited, so that the repository has a complete record of research output. Abstracts should be added when appropriate and available.

Subject to publisher's restrictions, full text of the following forms of research output will be deposited

Research Papers may include

Peer review and publication status is indicated for all research papers in the repository.