Ideas and Ideology of Maoist Insurgency in India: An Introduction

Behera, Anshuman (2024) Ideas and Ideology of Maoist Insurgency in India: An Introduction. In: Maoist Insurgency, State and People: Overlooked Issues and Unaddressed Grievances. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781003461975

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Abstract: The idea of an insurgency is often engaged through the prism of the potential threat it poses to the existing regime or the state. Insurgencies often question the legitimacy of the ruling regime and the very nature of the state, and in response, the latter also question their legitimacy. The Maoist insurgency in India is hardly any exception to this discourse. In its five and half decades, the Maoist insurgency has been engaged through multiple discourses highlighting the security threat it contributes, the (il)legitimacy of the movement, and the subscription, validation, and need for such an alternative ideology parallel to the idea of the Indian state. In engaging through ideological positioning and subscription of statist understandings, many of the vital aspects of the Maoist insurgency movements must be addressed. Two such important aspects of the Maoist insurgency-idea and the ideology-has gained limited attention. This chapter makes an attempt to reason with the idea and the ideology of the Maoist insurgency in India. In doing so, the chapter conceptualizes the idea of an insurgency in a robust democratic state in India. Subsequently, it investigates the ideological framework(s) through which the Maoists have carried out their activities. The issues of adaptation of neo-ideological frameworks (deviations or no deviations) depending upon the specificities of the localities they operate are also examined in this chapter.
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