Remark on factorials that are products of factorials

Bhat, Kishor G and Ramachandra, K (2010) Remark on factorials that are products of factorials. Math Notes, 88. pp. 317-320.

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Abstract: In a paper published in 1993, Erdös proved that if n! = a! b!, where 1 < a ≤ b, then the difference between n and b does not exceed 5 log log n for large enough n. In the present paper, we improve this upper bound to ((1 + ε)/ log 2) log log n and generalize it to the equation a 1!a 2! ... a k ! = n!. In a recent paper, F. Luca proved that n − b = 1 for large enough n provided that the ABC-hypothesis holds.
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Keywords: factorial product of factorials, Stirling’s formula, prime factor
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