Nano-Scale Property of Water and its Role in K-Ion Channel in Brain

Roy, Sisir (2018) Nano-Scale Property of Water and its Role in K-Ion Channel in Brain. Acta Scientific Neurology, 1 (2). p. 12.

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Abstract: Clinical neuroscience has becoming a very useful discipline mainly because of the spectacular technological developments like electroencephalogram(EEG), Functional Magnetic Resonance(FMRI), Positron Emission Tomography(PET), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS), Diffusion Tensor Imaging(DTI), Magneto-encephalography(MEG) etc. With the help of these advanced techniques the clinical neuroscientists try to develop diagnostic methods so as to prevent and treat neurological disorders. Infact, this branch of neuroscience focuses on the fundamental mechanisms behind these neurological disease and disorders. Using brain imaging techniques like fMRI neuroscientists scans and track blood flow in the brain which reveal the hidden patterns under spontaneous neuronal activities which consumes large amount of energy of the brain. This spontaneous activity of brain occurs even when no consciously active task is performed. The challenging issue is why brain consumes so much energy just to maintain spontaneous activity or simply noise? Almost for a decade scientists are trying to understand the electrical activity using this imaging technique and suggested the concept of default mode network or resting mode network associated to the spontaneous activity. It is believed that the miswiring of this type of network plays important role in various neurological diseases or neurological disorders
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