Non-local hydrodynamics of swimming bacteria and self-activated process

Roy, Sisir and Llinas, Rodolfo (2016) Non-local hydrodynamics of swimming bacteria and self-activated process. In: BIOMAT 2015 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology. World Scientific, pp. 153-165. ISBN 978-981-3141-90-2

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Abstract: Water fluidity is modified, in a nontrivial manner, by the presence of bacteria above a threshold number density. Under such threshold conditions swimming bacterial suspensions impose a coordinated water movement on a length scale of the order (10–100) micrometers compared with a bacterial size of the order of 3 micrometers. This observation leads to fundamental questions concerning the cell-to-cell communication presently known as quorum sensing. The aim of this paper is to study the quorum state using non-local hydrodynamics. We emphasize that densely packed bacteria may be viewed as ‘bacterial fluid’ or ‘living fluid’ similar to that of dense granular systems. The behaviour of the fluid of granular mass is quite different from that of typical fluids. This granularity imposes a second source of fluctuations because grains cannot be treated as points at any length scale. This type of fluctuation is known as non-local noise in contrast to local noise in usual hydrodynamic flow. The non-local hydrodynamical framework is applied here to consider the effect of non-local noise. In this framework of nonlocal hydrodynamics viscosity is generated by self-induced noise. This viscosity leads the actively moving bacteria into the meta-stable states required to support quorum, given the non-local nature of stresses mediated by autoinducers. The shear stress created non-locally within this framework depending on the non-local noise of granularity and the viscosity associated to the this noise can be tested experimentally. The existence of this kind non-chemical self-induced process may be present not only in cell-to-cell bacteria communication but also in eukaryotic cell-to-cell interactions.
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Additional Information: 15th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India, 2 – 6 November 2015
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